Farm Heroes Saga Booster Guide

There are several boosters available to use in Farm Heroes Saga.
Here are instructions how to use them...
At present there are 4 boosters available for normal levels, as you move up through the levels they are unlocked one by one and you will have 3 of each when you get them.

They are from the left:
The shovel which will remove ONE element, useful if you need to make a match to complete a level..
The shovel is the only booster that can be bought with MAGIC BEANS.

The tractor, which removes a whole row of elements, but NOT flowers or eggs.

The +1 which will add one point to the total score for each match you make.

The Dog, which will remove ALL the elements of the same type from the board..This is a very powerful booster..

All these boosters replenish over time once used..The first 3 take 12 hours to replenish and the dog takes 24 hours.
But they only replenish up to ONE, so if you want more than that you have to buy them with real money.
Normally boosters are bought in threes, but watch the video below to see how to buy extra shovels so you have six for those really difficult levels.

There are also further boosters available which have to be bought with real money and do not replenish.

 From the left...The first one collects all nearby cropsies and adds +2 to their value.
The parachute adds six cropsies of one type to the board.
The triple tractor removes three lines of cropsies.