Earn more stars in Farm Heroes Saga.

Scores too low??
Here's how to increase your scores with every move, and earn more stars!

The basic moves are to match 3 of the same colour.
This will give you three points, BUT, it will also cause the fruit BESIDE the three you matched to be worth one more point. See image below.

If you match FOUR in a row it will also add points to the cropsies you need. 
Even if the four you match are not ones you need to score.

Make a line of 4 as shown and points will be added to the cropsies you need to collect..
Make a pattern of FIVE together, either a L or T shape and you get more points added to your cropsies!

The image above shows how to make an L shaper and below is a T shape.

This will help you score more points and get more stars.
It also means that you remove more crops and leave room for more to come down and score!