Farm heroes Saga Level 349

Hints and tips for level 349 Farm Heroes Saga
The biggest problem on level 349 Farm Heroes Saga are the snowballs.
As fast as you clear the snowballs they will cover your crops, but only on the squares that they spawn from, the spaces in between will stay clear for the next move when you clear them.
The only way to clear this level is by causing cascades which will keep the snowballs under control while you collect the crops that you need.
Try to work close to the bottom of the board andclear as many snowballs as you can with each move, which in turn will cause more matches higher up and collect more crops than you would if you worked near the top.
Look at the whole board before every move to make sure you are not missing chances to make five in a row which will clear all the crops of one colour and hopefully cause more matches in the cascades.
Video below

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