General tips for Farm Heroes Saga

By Beatrice.

Watch those points...and pick up stray large points with a shovel

When too many unwanted vege's appear, use your dog to remove them and good vege's will fall and a lot of them will make matches on the way down

Bust ice or egg with shovel

I mainly ignore the rabbit but watch the carrots..if he gets one here and there, no big deal

Make 4's and 5's with any kind of vege as they increase points
watch for L and T shape matches also..

Making raindrops seems to be the hardest and the sooner you can get to the buckets and get them bubbling the better, if no match next to it, use the shovel

Seeds and raindrop to grow grass...I find if I match a lot in the slime more seeds will fall and then raindrop will land next to it and you can cover more slime that way.

Sometimes working a small area until no matches are possible is very helpful as it will increase the points around you.

This is a fun game and some of the levels are very hard to get through..ask for help if you have gotten so frustrated that you want to pull your hair out or go back and look at posts and see what others have done to get through..I hope some of this helps you