Farm heroes Saga Level 248

How to do level 248 Farm Heroes Saga
Tips by Beatrice.
You don't have to break the ice or make water as long as you hit the hero mode before the time is up on the bombs as they won't go off in hero mode.. That is what happened to me...
I was in hero mode with no water on the board.
I had 3 shovels to use and ended up with 2 moves as I use shovels to make moves instead of regular moves. You can also hit the flower to open it in the final stage. But if you do make water you can hit the water to make it scatter when it is brimming or to crack the ice if you want to do that. If the bombs do go off they will take some of your points but I wouldn't concentrate on them or the water.
Try matching the flowers all you can.
Video below