Farm Heroes Saga Level 185

Tips for level 185 Farm Heroes Saga

Beatrice Brents Henry
 Match in the slime and check top and sides before moving for matches...the seed comes down it seems the more in the slime you match..concentrate on making raindrops regardless of the color and they will fall next to your seed and you can make grass and then the matches will make themselves..but I do watch for high points here and there and pluck them out...good luck..I had 6 seeds in this game..

More tips from Beatrice
 Level 185...I started with 6 shovels...32 moves..carefully inspect the top and sides before each move so you don't lose a match to the slime..try to get the water brimming as soon as possible and try to avoid letting your seed getting below the buckets as they are not much good down there...I had to break an ice at the bucket with a shovel to make a match and then when the water was brimming , I had to hit the water to make it fly but it didn't go where i wanted next to a seed so kept trying to match at bucket and using shovel to spread water and then I got the grass to growing....try to watch the top and if you get any single high point crop remember to get it with a shovel if you won't mess up another move..good luck..( when I got near the end, I would have used my plus one if needed...1 star but that is enough to move on..I go back and rework them over and over to get 3 stars and have almost that on all 415 levels and it is good practice to start at 1 and redo as you see things you missed that help you in later levels..let us know when you move up by posting in the comments..