Farm Heroes Saga Level 160

How to pass level 160 Farm Heroes Saga
Tips from Beatrice.
 I am on the right track but only had 4 shovels at the time and the secret is in making rain...don't move the top eggs...I started by breaking a vege free of the ice to make a match in the grass and worked around the buckets all I could..first move 46 carrots and 32 strawberries which gave me a lot of hope...with 13 moves left I had 75 carrots and 57 strawberries and 12 raindrops..I used a shovel to break the ice at the bottom of the top egg and it fell down and I was able to just flip it between the two for a match and did the other side the same way and so there were my the end of 8 moves left I had 111 carrots and 105 strawberries and 2 dragons and still needed rain...most of this board worked itself..