Farm Heroes Saga Level 144

How to pass level 144 Farm Heroes Saga 
Tips by Beatrice.
this is how my second board worked for me..
.I start with 6 shovels and the info on how to do that is here, GET MORE SHOVELS....I had 11 moves left when I finally made a good match..I removed a sad face from the slime so when I go to move another face in the slime , it won't turn a four into bad faces when it hits the grass strip...I watched the top and sides carefully before I made a move as there were some matches available 6 moves left I had no shovels and had the water drops and the carrots but needed 8 strawberries..I was able to get a stray 4 point berry and a 2 point and a 2 point....
I find the shovels are my best friend but was prepared to use a tractor if I needed to in order to get the last 8 points I needed..this level takes a lot of patience and looking due to the slime and grass..if you can work the lower grass and the last line, that is a great help as all those matching falling through the slime makes those points add up..hope this helps
Video below