Farm Heroes Saga Level 115

Tips for level 115 Farm Heroes Saga 
By Beatrice
 I work this almost every day trying to get 3 stars but it is the hardest level there is to me and I am at the end of the levels...all boards are different but these tips work for at least one star....crack an egg with a shovel if need be to make 3 in a row..hit the brimming water with a shovel..( if I have a move at the buckets, sometimes I hit the water and let that move get it to boiling again ) make el and t shapes of the other crops to get the points the points ( especially the water) and pick up a high single crop...remove a crop to make a match...and if you have to match more than 3 eggs or nests, go ahead and do it as more will fall...good luck and info to get more than 3 shovels are in other posts..sometimes you only need one and then again, sometimes I wish I had an unlimited supply..LOL...I am gonna get those 3 stars yet on this level...
Video below.