Farm Heroes Saga Level 111

Tips for level 111 Farm Heroes Saga 
First of all if you have plenty of beans buy shovels.
See my other post on how to buy 6 shovels on PC.
Then use the easy, +2 mode to start the game.
To get more beans ask your friends for lives constantly, then refresh the game when your lives are full and you'll get beans instead of lives.
Then try to ONLY match the crops in the grass. DON'T waste moves matching grumpy crops unless you have no other choice. If there is a grumpy in the way of a high scoring match use a shovel to remove it. If you have a crop with a high score that you can't match use a shovel to collect it.
REMEMBER! Moving a grumpy crop into the grass changes it to a good one!
If you're almost there and just need a few more points don't hesitate to use one of your other boosters if they're ready.