Farm Heroes Saga Level 91

Tips for level 91 Farm heroes saga,
Beatrice Brents Henry Level 91 I worked it several times and had 6 shovels in the free/hard mode and the last time I had 4 moves left and 100 %...I used my shovel to break the ice on the last game and was able to swap the crops so that was opened...I also saw a 5 down the right side two times so that took a lot off the board..I had to remove a slimy crop that would have ruined a good point the points and don't worry when the slimy ones match themselves as that increases the points on the crops..I use the shovels and seldom use the other boosters but if you get low and think you can make it, throw the plus 1 out and if you need 5 more points can use the tractor to get that or a whole row if it has a lot of points on it..take your time and look at the points