Farm Heroes Saga Level 67

Tips for level 67 Farm Heroes Saga
By Beatrice
.This worked for me...carefully look at where the ice meets the crops and find a match there and try not to match anywhere but at the ice..I worked it once for someone and only broke half the ice on the left side of the board so consider what you need..I made my first match at the ice and then I had a vertical 5 about 3 rows up so I made that and then across was another so I did that and picked up a lot of always look and only match up when it is worth while....with 19 moves left I have 0 /22 water..29/60..35/60...and 6 shovels....14 moves left I am at the buckets..8 moves left 0/22..49/60..73/60..if absolutely no moves and you have the water brimming, hit it with a the water drops and pick up the single high points...hero mode with 0 shovels and 1 move left 23/22...114/60..145/60...good luck, have fun and learn to use those shovels.. and there is a video also.
Video By Cookie.
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